New York City Construction Law & Contractor Disputes

Representing Contractors And Owners Since 1989

The Law Offices of Ronald Francis, in New York City, has over 30 years of experience in construction law, representing parties in contractor disputes since 1989. The firm provides the level of personal attention you expect from a small firm with the resources and experience often found only at a large law office. Contact The Law Offices of Ronald Francis to schedule a free initial consultation.

The law firm represents contractor, owners and developers in a wide range of disputes arising out of construction projects involving office buildings, condominiums and cooperatives, and single-family homes. The firm is also experienced in drafting and reviewing contracts, as well as representing contractors involved in public construction projects, i.e., the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and the NYC Transit Authority.

Among The Types Of Claims The Firm Regularly Handles Are:

  • Disputes regarding non-payment for contracted work – The firm will handle payment disputes involving issues such as the quality of the work, the timely completion of work, and whether the work that is in dispute was included within the contract.
  • Disagreements regarding payment for extra work – Disputes can arise as to whether work fell within the scope of the original agreement or constituted extra work. There can also be issues regarding whether the owner knew of or approved of extra work.
  • Contested back charges – The law firm often represents parties issuing or challenging back charges related to construction projects.
  • Work stoppages – The firm represents the interests of an owner or a contractor when disagreements result in a work stoppage.
  • Work delays – The firm handles disputes regarding the impact of work delays on the obligations of the parties including consequential damages, liquidated damages and increased costs.
  • The termination or breach of a contract by a contractor or an owner – The firm will represent the interests of a contractor or an owner when one of the parties has failed to perform under the terms of an agreement or when the contractor has walked off the job or the owner has locked-out the contractor.
  • Mechanic’s Liens – The firm files mechanic’s liens on behalf of contractors, and more importantly, enforces the mechanic’s liens by commencing an action in New York Supreme Court to foreclose the lien so that the contractor can collect the monies due. The firm also challenges and seeks to vacate improper, defective or exaggerated mechanic’s liens.

For experienced representation in construction and contractor disputes, contact The Law Offices of Ronald Francis, to schedule a free initial consultation.