Construction Contract Drafting, Review & Enforcement

The Law Offices of Ronald Francis, located in New York City, counsels contractors, developers, owners, architects and engineers by drafting and reviewing their construction contracts so that their needs and requirements are met and that their interests are protected throughout the construction project and beyond.

Construction Attorney Ronald Francis Can Help Protect Your Interests And Enforce Your Rights By Drafting Or Reviewing Your Construction Contract.

Your construction contract should protect your interests throughout the project and after the project is completed.

New York construction attorney Ronald Francis will draft and review the terms and conditions of your construction contract, including the scope of work, specifications, payment and completion schedules, insurance requirements, payment and performance bond issues, termination and cancellation alternatives, indemnification requirements, architectural and engineering provisions, dispute resolution methods including arbitration, mediation and litigation, and many other important details.

Enforcing Your Construction Contract

The goal in drafting the contract is not only to protect your interests, but also to avoid any disputes between the parties and the costs to you in resolving those disputes.

However, if a construction dispute is encountered, such as breach of contract and/or termination of the contract, non-payment for contracted or extra work, back charges, work stoppages and delays, Ronald Francis, Esq., with over 30 years experience in representing clients in construction law matters, can help negotiate an amicable resolution of the dispute, help draft, serve, file, and enforce a mechanic’s lien on your behalf, or enforce your contract through arbitration, mediation or litigation.

For experienced representation with your construction contract, contact The Law Offices of Ronald Francis, to schedule a free initial consultation.